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I have a friend whom I love so much and I want to present it to the whole world who reads or sees this, it loves you as you are, it sees beyond what most of the persons see, do not see your imperfection only loves you and says to you that here I am for you when you want, do not consider you to be alone I love you. He is like a super hero but without difficulties of demonstrating its power and its love for with us, he has no weak points, because its love is infinite that conquers any nastiness, any problem. HE does not stop helpless just person, he has not died he has resuscitated and it is with us every day. Our será sheltered in any situation, the será our protector, our shield, our quite. The alone one wants your heart he already knows your condition, the alone one wants to help you and to take where you deserve you. My friend calls himself Jesus by you the door calls, washes your life when its blood spills. Today it is the day of that you also have of friend, it is the day that you decide to accept it how the only and sufficient savior, and you will see that there is no better friend that Jesus, he neither trumps you and the dio does not even leave helpless its life to you for you and is because it loves you and wants that you are happy and have eternal life.
Taking advantage of these dates where feelings are very active and I don't know why, but since we are sensitive but it also happens that many people this time is when you are depressed or feel that they are very lonely and just wanted to now not to be so and not be suffering so today will discuss what's suicide and I want to commit suicide. I feel very sad truth that I can not cope, my world has shattered a few months here, have a life very cute everything is going my hands, I don't know what happened, I don't know because this happens to me. I lost a very special person in the rarest way that can see, I lost my girlfriend that I was formed a family and have children and be together always, but for one reason or another and we are not together and that marked me, I can not with this, I have tried everything, I've talked to some people about how I feel so strong pain that marked me, I even went with a psychologist and I feel good for a moment but then again I sink and feel fatal and can not anymore the truth that I can not anymore. I feel as if something in my life was not complete, something missing me, I feel a void in my life and nothing and no one can fill it, already tried everything and still same, I try to get ahead, going out to have fun, make sport but I continue with my dead feelings, I feel that something of my changed and I think already I can not be same as what it was before. I also have a loved one that very soon I will lose by a damn disease, because there are diseases, because it gives them a good people, people who only does good because life is unfair, is very painful to feel that feeling of losing that loved you're never going to see , that it never will embrace, someone that really is not very painful is as if you were to die, because there is death, because you have to lose that someone you love, I don't know how I'm going to recover from all this, I feel
In this time I have learned something that it had not understood. We look for our will and not the perfect God will. Although we walk in its ways we do not do its will, live cheated that we do it but in fact not. I learned this thanks to several events in my life and saw that it was doing my will and not that of my God. To understand this cost me many tears and pain but finally I understood it and I cheer up to write all this.  Many persons we believe that we do and that we are doing its will but we have been blocked up by our own arrogance that we are very firm in the gentleman and that makes us blind us and we take very important decisions without taking into consideration God.It is not necessary to leave that I spent painful situations to be able to understand this, God today is saying to you that is my will and he stops living cheated and believing that you do its will, this will avoid a lot of sufferings to you because you will be doing its will.  I repeat it to you if you keep on deceiving yourself that you do its will you will continue with pains and sufferings because you are doing plans out of God. You live through an anguish and say because God does not listen to me, because this slash pain does not extract me, because you are doing your will and not that of God. There are learnings that we spend to be able to understand this that the truth was very painful but here we are standing up and saying Christ I am ready. He analyzes your life, do it to conscience and see if really what you are doing is the God's will. Do not do pitfall or justify what you are doing because at the end of account the harmed only one it is you who are. Nobody is going to judge you that's why here in the ground, nobody knows if you do it or it is not an exercise that only you can do it. Tomato a time and analyze it really, when finally you understand this you will be able to live through a full life in God.
We give value to what it does not correspond and we go very far across this but for what we always look is always had by us next to us but for our spiritual blindness we do not see it. When we happen for difficult situations in our lives we see as the pain eats away our lives that are destroying us day by day and we think that our pains, our charges are going to destroy us and they will take us towards the grave. We do not look for the truth and believe that we have the truth with us, but only we have the very high egoism in us. We live with a life desenfocada and live as if you were perfect. We are considered wise in our own opinion, want to walk towards our own north without knowing that without the celestial compass we cannot advance. Not to come to God earlier has been my worst error. How long we have let through without God and have lived through a wild life and without control, without the perfect compass that directs our way and says to us strongly and bravely that I go with you. Not coming to you has been my worst error as it could be so blind and see that you were walking with me in any place in which I have been, have been much menso and to think that only it could but now I see that without you I cannot, am defeated, am kneeled down before you, I want to be with you and not to keep on committing my worst error. We commit thousands of errors in our life but let's not keep on committing worse that we can do that it is to leave God out of our lives, if you are doing that now, analyze your life like this one, if as well as you feel these completely fully, if your answer is not, today I invite you to to meet God, today it is the day that you accept it in your life and see that without the seguirás committing the worst error in your life. He analyzes these words and sees if you are committing this worse error and can remedy it now only accepting Jesus like your gentleman and savior. I admit that my worst error went not to see him brought over earlier to me but today I can say that this error went away of my life and that changed the life to me, only he can do the change for that so much we look in our lives. Approach Jesus and edges that your life little by little will be changing, we are in difficult times and without him we will not be able to go out forward, do not forget the best thing that we can have
There are many moments in our lives that we suffer of very much pain, we see that the world that we believed was stable they are falling down little by little in a very painful way. The persons who surround us begin to us to remove and that hurts us very much because we do not understand because they do that but there is always an intention for every thing that happens to us if we are with the gentleman these times we see many suicides for this solitude that consumes our life to us and because we do not take a full life that can be only in God. We see the people yéndose for the bad way and this is because we have chosen the easy life and not the complicated way but the eternal one. Many sadnesses more are missing in ours lives but with an eternal pleasure I will give glory to God because he rescued me and extracted me of the lowest thing. I give glory to the only one that deserves it, although in these moments I feel the fatal butthe only thing that I can do it is to give the glory to God and to be grateful to him that it does not separate from me and that it will never do it and I ask him to become stronger and to depend more on so that in the moments of pain it is my medicine. Today I shout with all lung that you are my savior and that although it walks in vale in abundance I will not be afraid of any evil. (Psalms 23:4). Today I suffer for the pain but I know that tomorrow I will raise the forces as the eagles thanks to you my God. Today it is the day of raising this flight and giving him the life to the only one that deserves it he is a GOD.
In the past we have lived through moments that lead to frustration and not let us move forward on this path called life. The mistakes we have made also make our walk is slow and let us not grow but being in Christ we can get ahead and get rid of all that complicated our lives.
The pain we have suffered are things going to help us grow and be stronger for the next pains everything in life has a solution to death.

All these things will cause us a lot of sadness and pain but only in Christ can we find that peace, that no one solution that can give us we just give our lives to Him and accept Him as our Savior and apologize enough for our sins, making this the his infinite love will make all things new. God is waiting for you in the same place where you left off no matter what you've done you want to give a chance you just have to accept it and see that the Lord will do again, you will go through pain, frustration, sadness, etc. but being with God we can succeed not forget that in God everything we can.

In this week that “saint“ names many persons do and believe that they must behave very well in these days for the sacrifice that Jesus did in this cross. But because only one week and not a life? Easy, because it is easier it to do one week that the whole life. The popular beliefs teach us that these weeks certain days there do not eat up meat and things like that when that is what God does not want that we do what he wants that we commemorate in its death and resurrection that the hizo in the cross and: how do we do that? Easy, having God in our life and to leave that it directs our life. We have lived for the religions customs and could not have seen how wonderful God is and the easy thing that is to accept it and to go to the sky works are not necessary to be since those come for addition. It opens the eyes and follows Christ and a life lives in holiness and it leaves that God directs your life and light in the middle of the darkness. God is here speaking to you take from yourself the blindfold that you have in the eyes and receive it like your savior. Today it is the day.